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Happy Independence day to all the American cousins!
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UNCLE artwork
Hellaciously violent T-storm is just about here. Light alread flickered so anticpating losing power/internet. Tropical storm "Arthur" coming up the coast, so who knows what it will bring late Thursday night  and Friday.  Yikes.

So have the flashlights and emergency radio handy.  Oh yes and hand fans too!  Though the temperature took a nose dive from over 90 to below 80...it's still humid and the wind is really picking up.


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Hmmm lost power for nearly a half hour....of course right in the middle of cooking my dinner on my 'electric' stove.  Can't be due to the system being stressed as it's a beautiful day, not hot at all.   By the time I got my emergency radio to the station I needed, power popped on.  Now hearing sirens, so must have been an accident.

It was like having a flashback to the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.   Strange as I must have had a premoniton this was going to happen as I made sure my lantern had fresh batteries, the emergency radio and flashlight dynamos were charged and all my batteries were located...just yesterday.  (cue the Twilight Zone music)

Much relieved the power is back on.

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Just discovered 'no sugar added' Klondike bars. I can now get my ice cream fix and not worry about sugar content.  They actually taste okay...


Glitchy Glitchy LJ
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What an effort to simply cut and paste a post this morning. Formatting was insane. LJ was changing the size of my typeface in the middle of the piece. Then when I took care of that and previewed,ome of the lines were bunched together. I'd separate them and suddenly a line would appear in the beginning of the text, where it didn't belong. Oy.  Then the margins were out of alignment. Double OY!   It previewed okay when I finally finished it but will see how it posts...it may be a Triple Oy...  lol!

Hibernian Rhapsody for Svetlanacat!
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"The I Can Do Anything Affair"~ Chapter 1 for The Gen Round Robin, MFU 50th Anniversary on MFUWSS
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Challenge: MFUWSS Gen Round Robin~ 50th Anniversary

Title: "The I Can Do Anything Affair," Chapter 1

Author: mrua7

Word count: approximately: 1900

“Good morning gentlemen,” Alexander Waverly cleared his throat as he greeted his number one and two field agents. “I have a simple assignment for you this afternoon. A dead drop downtown at a new building site along the East River.”

Solo tried to avoid showing any displeasure at this latest declaration to be completed with his new partner of course….not that he disliked the Russian at all, but still Napoleon wondered when the Old Man was going to stop sending them on these little milk-runs; Waverly’s method no doubt of breaking in Illya Kuryakin to the way things were done in New York.

It differed dramatically from the agenda-based nonsense that seemed to go on with Harry Beldon, or so Illya said. He showed no emotion in regard to Waverly’s trivial assignments and went about them with equal finesse as if they were ridding the world of yet another satrap.

Napoleon on the other hand preferred a little more action and hoped this would be the last of the ‘training wheel’ jobs on which their boss would be sending them.

The testosterone-fueled rivalry that had reared its narrow-minded head in the very beginning between the American and Russian’s partnership had trickled down to near nothing, as their relationship had grown in both trust and understanding and only that comes with familiarity.


Read more...Collapse )

UNCLE artwork
"Ice Queen" part 1 is on at 1 am EST on  Comcast INSP channel 295. I've been waiting forever to see this. What made me check I have no idea... Who knows when they'll air part 2.

Sooooo....addendum I found the poster! Thanks to bluemeany.
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I was watching a bonus CD for the Hobbit:Desolation of Smaug...and Peter Jackson was giving one of the actors who played one of the dwarfs in the film a grand tour of his studios.

So Peter led him up a flight of stairs pointing out to movie posters mounted on the wall, saying "the posters here are from my all time favorite movies."   The camera panned right as they went up the next staircase and LO AND BEHOLD in large letters was the name DAVID McCALLUM at the bottom of the next poster!.(couldn't see what movie it was as the camera moved so fast)

So one of David's movies is among Peter Jackson's favorites!  I just thought that was so cool and wanted to share with you. :D

We honor their sacrifice
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Meteor shower
blinky black cat
Thanks to Lindafishes for reminding me of this...hopefully the clouds will be gone by then.

Meteor shower may be visible early Saturday morning in Western New York

on May 23, 2014 - 6:05 PM

, updated May 23, 2014 at 6:27 PM

  • A meteor shower may be visible over Western New York’s partly clear skies early Saturday morning as the Earth passes through a new debris field, said Tim Collins, senior presenter at the Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium at SUNY Buffalo State.

Peak viewing time for the meteor shower will be between 2 and 4 a.m. in the northern to overhead skies, Collins said. The new debris field that Earth will pass through tonight was placed there by Comet 209/LINEAR, he said.

As the comet hurled in its orbit around the sun, the stream of cosmic fragments has been strongly influenced by the gravitational effects of the solar system’s largest planet, Jupiter, pushing it into Earth’s orbital path, Collins said.

Because the Earth has never passed through this debris field, it’s unknown whether it will produce a large burst of meteors, he said.

Collins’ tips include staying warm and using a reclining lawn chair for best viewing.

Finding the Comet 209P/LINEAR meteor shower
Finding the Comet 209P/LINEAR meteor shower
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory / YouTube

Happy Birthday Sutherwinds!!
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                      Happiest of birthdays mi amiga!



More news...
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So went to Physical Therapy this morning and was told I was going to be re-evaluated.   My specialized therapist hasn't seen me in over 2 weeks as she was out for various reasons.

So we talked and she asked my concerns and how I felt about where I was at physically, wanting to know if I felt if I had plateaued.

I agreed that I had, not seening any signifcant improvement in my ability to walk...other than my body was just becomeing physically stronger from exercising.  She did a more thorough physical exam/eval than the Neurologist I went to for Disability.

Things like tremors, weakness in my left arm showed that surprised me. My other issues were still there, leg spasms  equilibrium difficulties etc.  So her conclusion was that I had indeed hit a plateau, but she kept repeating that didn't mean I still couldn't improve.

Here's the kicker...I was discharged from PT for the next two months as she wants to see how I'll be in August. Still doing my exercises at home and so forth.  She wants me back for an evaluation whether I feel I'm improved or not after the hiatus.

Still, the reality is that this is where I'm at permanantly. I know I shouldn't think that but not having the PT every week may mean that...even though she doesn't want to say it to me...instead saying it doesn't mean I still can't improve.

But after 5 months of PT it is what it is.   I already knew PT wasn't going on for forever, especially since it was pro bono.  I need to keep my spriits up and stay determined in trying to improve.

Though right now I feel like a need a good cry...

Sooooo....nasty neurologist follow up.
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In my frenzied cleaning (I was just told the apartment complex is replacing all remaining windows by the end of June) since my apartment looks like a war zone...hmm I might be a candidate for the TV show "Hoarders."

Anyway, I found the slip of paper with the name of that abusive neurologist I saw at the clinic back in March. So I googled it, and found him and a few of those sites that rate doctors.  Lo and behold, he has a god-awful rating and patients that posted comments called him belittling, condescending...arrogant.

So my experience with him apparently wasn't unique.  So now I am even more proud of myself for opening up my mouth and telling him off to his face for the way he was speaking to me. (for all the good it did)  I'm sure it did me more good than it did him.

After the incident, I felt guilty about it because I was raised to respect authority...you know the routine.  So glad I didn't, as I'm not the only one who questioned his competency and definitely his professionalism or lack thereof.  I sort of wished I'd said more to him now, after the fact, knowing what I know about him.

UNCLE artwork
So here goes that memory thing again. Ever since I had my stroke my short term memory has been short circuiting on me.  Today I forgot to test my blood glucose when I woke up AND to take my meds. Something I do every day.  And I forgot to go to my Physical therapy appointment, that I have like clockwork every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I write things down BUT then I forget to look at my calendar. It's a catch-22!

Yet I remembered to post the Picfic on Section 7 and my chapter 8  of "Blood Moon" and also post them on Dreamwidth and Fanfction.net. Go figure?

It gets upsetting when I can't remember things...important things. My long term memory has it's glitches too, but I'm putting that off to just getitng older.  

It becomes very frightening when I can't remember the day before, what I did, what I ate or where I went. Sometimes I draw a complete blank and I feel like I've fallen into some deep black pit.  Eventually I do recall things but until I do...very scary.

Have started taking Ginko Biloba and more vitamin supplements like St. John's Wort, B complex...hope they start to kick in soon.

I've been eating...okay. and know I need to start eating my veggies again. Sometimes it's just so much of an effort to cook and a bowl of soup or a peanut butter sandwich seems so much easier.....PLUS they're the food budget concerns.

Pray to God my disability ia approved...then I won't have to worry about paying my rent and watching every penny when I food shop. I can actually get my car fixed and painted...get a new couch. Get my apartment cleaned and painted.   Nothing earth shattering or spectacular. Just little things to make me feel less...down trodden.

Man hope the St. John's wort works.

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